Photography lessons for adults

Who: Anyone who wants to delve into photography Description: Once a week is given daytime photography lessons with Maks, from technology to imaging.

Computer for seniors

For who? Are you over 55 and curious about computers and the Internet, to which “information superhighway”? Are you nervous because you do not think you can join the fast […]

Learn music with digital media

Got the Music in Me! Age: 7 to 12 years Anyone can make music! But what exactly is music? From Pop to Classical in our workshop “Create Digital Music” anything […]

Create your own game

Age: 9 to 12 years What could be more fun than playing computer games? Make them yourself! With iPads, we learn how to make your own simple but fun games. […]

Discover Your Talent

During Discover Your Talent Coaching 70 business volunteers 100 young job seekers from Kuregem, Molenbeek and Sint-Gillis to work. For companies Nestlé, Securex, Freshfields and Accenture, all members of the […]