Project name:

Computer for seniors

Project description:

For who? Are you over 55 and curious about computers and the Internet, to which “information superhighway”? Are you nervous because you do not think you can join the fast guys? Maks Digital Helps you to get your computer driving license. You do not need prior knowledge at all. Join together with your peers. We start on a calm, appropriately in a small group.

Together with our experienced instructor, you practice in first gear. You learn to start the computer and control it with keyboard and mouse. Time for a second gear: you get to know the computer’s operating system. Little by little you discover how the PC georganiseerd.Naar third gear: type text, edit, cut, paste, copy run, save and print. In fourth gear, we head for the ramp: you become familiar with the Internet enhoe you send electronic mail and ontvangt.Nu in fifth gear, go with confidence the information highway: you learn how to find information and how your messages and photos send to friends and family.