Back to work with a DSP or Article 60 contract

On a regular basis we recruit low-skilled jobseekers who want to work as a desktop publisher or multimedia animator with a DSP contract (doorstromingsprogramma). Maks is also looking for people who receive a minimum income from the CPAS (social services) to work with an Article 60 contract as a desktop publisher, multimedia animator, reception clerk, logistics assistant or PC technician.

Follow an internship @ Maks

Each year we welcome students for internships. Usually the students come from branches such as psychology, social work, communication sciences or IT.

Volunteering @ Maks

We regularly receive volunteers from companies or private persons to help us within our different services. We have a broad variety of volunteering jobs, but mainly volunteers are involved in jobs such as helping with simulations of job interview for job seekers, empowering the internal organization, giving trainings on different subjects, …

To apply for an internship, volunteering work or for a job, feel free to contact