Who We Are

Maks vzw is composed of three services: Maks Digital encourages young and old people to improve their digital skills. Maks Work coaches job seekers in their search for a job through individual counseling, group sessions, trainings and language courses. Maks Graphic Agency provides qualitative graphic design services to clients from the (non)ptofit sector while training low educated job seekers on the workfloor. This way, we help them to build a portfolio of realized work, which will enhance their chances on the labor market. Maks vzw annually reaches about 2500 users, the vast majority from disadvantaged groups, including some 500 job seekers in counseling. Annually, about fifty people take their first steps with the computer. Maks also organizes fun and educational digital activities in schools to encourage children and youth to become producers of ICT rather than only consumers. We train youngsters on video-editing and programming. Maks recognizes the power of stories. Job seekers and other vulnerable target groups learn to make their own videos about their life story. We call this « digital storytelling », an impactfull process in which people learn to process and express a part of their story or a point of view on a significant experience . In the same way, we make video CVs with jobseekers, in which we teach job seekers how to convert their CV into a small movie. Through these various projects, young and old are confirmed in their self-esteem and learning capaicities, which helps them to find their way in modern society and in the labor market.


Maks vzw is situated in Cureghem, one of the poorest neighborhoods of Brussels. The vast majority of the population is coming from first, second or third generation migration
52% of the young people under 25 is unemployed:
40% of the adult population is unemployed:
112 nationalities are represented in the neighbourhood:

Social Economy

40 persons work at Maks, and more than half of them are young poorly educated but very talented job seekers. They are trained on the workfloor to become multimedia animators, graphic designers, PC technicians, logistics assistant or receptionists. For Maks, the human being, his/her lifestory and learning process stand in the centre of the work experience.

Annual Reports

maks jaarverslag 2022

Annual Report 2022

What does Maks do? Maks vzw is a learning house in the Brussels Canal Zone. We want to generate impact on digital inclusion, digital well-being, digital production, communication and pathway […]

Maks Jaarverslag 2019 - cover

Annual Report 2019

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Maks Jaarverslag 2018

Annual Report 2018

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