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Give your CV the kick it needs

105 jobseekers attended ICT courses at Maks in 2020, increasing their chances in the job market.
More and more companies are using professional programmes for their communications. This means : creating websites, following up and adding new content, creating digital documents, flyers, posters, brochures, videos and social media. Jobseekers applying for jobs where communication plays a major role benefit from taking our courses. This can range from future self-employed workers, managers, administrative staff, communications managers to graphic designers.

Our offer includes training in Social Media, Wordpress, Google Analytics, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Sketchup,…
This will be in our new classrooms at 22 Mommaertsstraat in Molenbeek.

Due to corona, we regretfully had to cancel many courses with physical attendance. Registering for the courses was also difficult because Actiris could no longer accommodate interested parties. Despite these major setbacks, instructors have been working on an entirely new online course model. Thus, they were able to provide as many as 516 hours of lesson online. The team will always be there for you, in class and/or online.

So what is an ICT cheque?
With an ICT cheque from Actiris, you can attend free training courses at Maks vzw. Your total budget is as much as €2,240. Talk to your Actiris consultant about the ICT cheque. He will then direct you to the course that best suits your level or the requirements of your future job.