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No access: the first-degree digital divide

March 2020: Schools continue. Teleworking is the norm. Maks gets a lot of queries for laptops. The target audience we want to reach does not have a laptop or internet connection.
This is the first-degree digital divide. Suddenly, this is also on the political agenda.

Maks raises the alarm and distributes its own material. There will be a growfunding together with other youth organisations. FCC and Flemish Brussels Fund assist. Maks gets funds for 242 laptops and a donation of 80 laptops

Young people and underskilled adults, thanks to cooperation with local organisations and partners including Brusselleer, Vooyach, CAW, Molenbeek Rebels, Bx Represent, Foyer, d’Broej and Vierwindenschool, received a laptop at home.

This laptop is indispensable for taking online classes, keeping in touch with family and friends, for social media and video chatting, for online services and entertainment… Something you can share with your family members.