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Increase your social footprint

The Maks Graphic Office not only delivers a professional layout, tailored to your target audience, we also increase your social footprint as a partner. Two birds with one stone.
Maks vzw Grafisch Bureau built expertise in inclusive communication with vulnerable audiences. It’s simple: we train people from the target audience to be graphic/web designers and constantly ask them to reflect on what resonates with peers. Furthermore, we have in-house “test groups” at all times that can provide needed feedback.

This expertise strengthens the communication to our clients/partners so that we can strengthen their social business model and communication strategy through our graphic concepts. Multi-media and social media are booming, including in our industry. It is essential to seek cross-media channels that will bring the message to the target audience through the right path. After all, this increases the impact.
Maks vzw Grafisch Bureau opts for initiatives that promote solidarity and social cohesion. It is not for no reason that our baseline reads as “design for a good cause.”

Our ambition rests on two key principles: giving everyone a chance and ensuring a “sustainable” customer relationship. Graphic products meet high quality standards. Customer satisfaction is an ongoing concern.

We seek partners who share our passion and enthusiasm for creativity and social progress. But why just talk about it when we can also be involved? Do you also give talented people the opportunities to grow and deliver quality work with them?


Cosmos vzw
Website maintenance: quarterly backups and updates.

Commune of Anderlecht
– Dikkemerci video
Shooting and editing a short film to thank volunteers for their work. The Cultural, Youth and Library Services of Anderlecht and the Community Center De Rinck would like to thank all the volunteers in Anderlecht!

– Proper Peterbos
Logo design and poster based on the logo.

– Radio 1070
Design, layout and printing guidance for a poster for Radio 1070, a community radio-making caravan in Jorez Square during the summer.

Youth House Alhambra
Design, layout and printing support for a flyer for photography course and exhibition.

Restoring the website and putting it back online.

Design, layout and print support for the flyer of Medikuregem’s Mindful singing project.

CAD The line of work
Layout and initial printing of business cards based on existing template.

Bruksel Inside Out
-City logo redesign
At Bruksel Binnstebuiten, Stapstad is the label for guided tours for children and youth. In school contexts, but equally in other groups or with the family. Since Stapstad became a part of Bruksel Binnenstebuiten from July 1, 2021, the Stapstad logo had to be changed.

Child abuse trust center website maintenance, backups and updates

The Switch
Website maintenance, backups and updates

Positive Life Health
Design and develop website of career coach.

Dreams Project
Website backups and updates

European Festivals Association
-Video Perform Europe
Montage of a video teaser for Perform Europe

-Eye2Eye magazine winter 2021
A new edition of the site is produced four times a year. Website update and training the client to manage the site.

-Logo design
SEO consulting: tips and tricks to promote site referencing.

Brassa is a non-profit cultural organization based in Brussels. Its goal is to promote human exchange, through artistic projects based on shared experiences.
logo and corporate identity design

Design, layout and printing guidance presentation brochure

Social content design

Design and development of e-mail template

Chez nous
Chez nous – It is a day center that opens its doors to the most socially marginalized people in the Brussels Region.
-Website coming soon page
Design and development of the Coming Soon page, in anticipation of a new website.

RWDM girls
RWDM Girls is a football club with an operation located in and around Molenbeek, which wants to give all girls the opportunity to play football. They are making extra efforts to lead girls from disadvantaged families and vulnerable neighbourhoods towards their club work.

-RWDM Girls Newsletter
Newsletter template design and coding for Mailchimp.

Climate Alliance
-EUCF Reports
Brochure design and layout.

-Padova Newsletters
Newsletter design and layout

-Falco Postcard & Banner
Design and layout of a postcard and banner for trade fair.