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A new life journey with Start-IT

In 2022, Maks vzw started a new project called Start- IT. Within this project, we work on digital skills among an audience that is often forgotten: people with a prison background. Digital skills are completely absent within prisons.
This greatly complicates the reintegration of inmates when they leave prison. Making appointments, downloading administrative documents, banking services, housing applications: all these things are now done digitally. Maks vzw assists these individuals in their reintegration towards a new pathway in life. We offer a specific training programme to strengthen their knowledge and help them become autonomous. The training lasts four months and works on personal and professional competences.

Similarly, some people developed a passion for computing. Some participants have since found jobs in the IT sector. A 21-year-old participant, who had only just left prison, thus became a PC technician at Maks vzw. Today, he is our colleague and shows his motivation and dedication every day.

50 (ex-)prisoners contacted Maks vzw in 2022. Start- IT started in May 2022 and 14 trainees received individual counselling. Three of them found jobs.