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An encounter between art and the digital

“ArtDiCo” stands for “Art, Digitality and Corona”. The project seeks to promote digital storytelling to people with low digital skills. The aim is to share experiences related to the corona pandemic through digital tools.
As part of this project, we visited the Royal Museum of Fine Arts In Brussels with our students from the literacy programme. For several participants, this was a completely new experience. For many, it was their first time visiting a museum. However, prior knowledge of art was not important to Maks vzw. Within this activity, art is a means of talking about how people experienced the corona pandemic.

The assignment at the museum is simple: which artwork appeals to you in relation to corona and why? Not only was it a new experience for our participants, but some interesting conversations emerged.

Based on our museum visit, each participant realised his or her own digital story. Which experience during the corona period has stayed with you the most and why? We worked with people with limited social access on creative expression and cultural education. And so, we produced 13 digital testimonials from people who first started using digital tools.