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Basic ICT lessons tailored to our target group

Volwassenen Toegankelijke computer or smartphone lessons is and remains one of the central pillars of Maks vzw, using a specific methodology per target group. Neighbourhood residents can take classes with us for just €30 per year, choosing from a range of 9 modules of 24h each. So for €30, you are eligible for 216 hours of lessons!
Specifically, we remain committed to classroom lessons, which are all the more relevant especially in times of covid-19. Moreover, it is very difficult to learn to use the computer remotely, via the computer. Therefore, we chose to work again with fully “live” lessons in accordance with the necessary safety measures. The added value of this is becoming clearer by the day, especially now that many services can only be accessed digitally. For example, we received a huge number of questions about, the covid-safe app and itsme, applications that cannot be ignored in today’s context. However, the necessary guidance to do so was absent for many local residents. Specifically, we gave 1296 hours of basic computer and smartphone lessons, divided into 54 modules of 24h each.

After the very first introductory module ‘je commence/I begin’, people can decide on their follow-up programme. Herein are several different paths: the lesson series “Home/À la maison” (3 modules) in which applications for personal use (read entertainment and practical tools) are explained. There is also the course series “At work/Au travail”, consisting of 3 modules on software from the Microsoft Office suite (Word and Excel at beginner and advanced level) to the online possibilities of the Google suite (Docs, Sheets, Drive). In addition to these series, there is the Smartphone module, which will soon be extended with an additional Smartphone 2 module.

New to this offering is the course “Online safety and banking” in which we cover the delicate topics of privacy, big data, cyber security, phishing, and online banking in an approachable way. These lesson series were designed and are taught by a wonderful and committed team that welcomed several new members this year. 1 team leader, 3 permanent animators and 4 animators in training (ECOSOC) daily achieve our mission of digital inclusion and actively work to reduce the digital divide by teaching and assisting users of our Open Workshops.

Our 2 Open Ateliers are “public computer rooms” (OCR), meaning accessible and approachable locations where computers and guidance are made available to our target audience. In this way, we try to reduce the first-grade digital divide by enabling access to materials and to the Internet. Participants in our courses get free access that allows them to consolidate, deepen and apply their skills practically and in a functional way. Other local residents who are not registered with us have to pay only 4€ annually. This will give them unlimited access to these spaces for a year, support from our colleagues doing on-call sessions and the opportunity to print for free. Two tutors are provided each time to answer questions, solve problems, support where possible and refer to relevant organisations or agencies if necessary. So we have 1 OCR in Cureghem (open Monday to Thursday, 4-6pm) and 1 in Old Molenbeek (open Monday to Wednesday, 4-6pm).

Since this year, we also provide training on online safety and banking