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Canal zone residents: 70% have no or low digital skills*

* Bron: Isograd Inc, n.d.569 students | 71 modules85% obtained their TOSA certificate DigComp
Increasing digitalisation is having a huge impact on our society and everyday life. Everyone needs to participate in the digital society, but not everyone already has the necessary skills to do so.

People who lack these skills are called ‘digibeten’. Our multimedia animators teach digital skills to these ‘digibeten’, as part of three initiatives that look at digitisation from different angles.

The objective is very clear: ‘remove the fear of the digital and build self-confidence by teaching basic computer skills.’

At the end of the training course, trainees take a TOSA test (Test On Software Applications) that attests their level based on the DigiComp 2.0 competences.

This is why Maks asbl has a partnership with Bruxelles Formation, OCMW and PWA Anderlecht and offers basic training to strengthen digital skills.

Jobseekers with no or little knowledge start with an ICT course in the shortened 60-hour programme or an extended 90-hour programme. Afterwards, they take 30 lessons to learn how to search for jobs online so that they can later continue their search autonomously. At the end of the course, students take the TOSA test. The student must achieve a minimum score of 25%. A job seeker who has a TOSA certificate proves to his future employer that he has digital skills.

“89% of those with Tosa certificates say it has helped them become more confident in their skills.”

Marietou, a trainee obtained her TOSA certificate and said:

85% obtained their

TOSA DigComp certificate

“The course was rather short, but otherwise I am very satisfied with it. Thanks to this course, I now have more confidence in myself.

I thank all the teachers.”

Marietou, student