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Digital inclusion: invest €1, gain €9

The Good Things Foundation from the UK published an interesting report on digital inclusion. The report tells us that purely in economic terms, a £1.4 billion investment in digital inclusion in the UK yields £13.7 billion. For every pound invested, the result is a £9.48 profit. CEBR (Centre for Economics and Business Research) conducted this research on behalf of Good Things Foundation.

Everyone benefits from digital inclusion: it saves time for users and the government. Digital inclusion brings more people into work. In Belgium, the situation is not improving. Just where 1 year ago 40% of Belgians lacked digital skills, they are 46% today, says the King Baudouin Foundation’s Digital Barometer. For disadvantaged groups, the figure is 70 %.

Where does the profit on digital inclusion come from?

Increased online purchases: £3.5 billion

Profit on use of online financial services:£3.9 billion

Filling jobs on demand with basic digital skills: £2.7 billion

Efficiency of public services : £1.4 billion

Healthcare efficiency: £899 million

Savings on transition to more digitally proficient work: £586 million

Tax gain: £483 million

Savings from more people finding jobs: £179 million

Impact on ecology: £76 million

Request: which research institute feels inclined to convert this to the Belgian situation. Maks vzw is asking. This is how we prove that every euro invested in digital inclusion is worth its weight in gold.