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Four hands on one tablet

Jeugd Maks vzw teamed up with some young people from Cureghem to make the seniors of LDC Cosmos more digitally proficient.
The youngsters received a 10h training: how to handle a tablet. Which apps are interesting for seniors? After the training, the youngsters realised a digital story together with the seniors.

Intergenerational working has always been an important item for Maks vzw. The neighbourhoods we work in are home to many seniors who feel tremendously lonely and who also struggle with the fact that the neighbourhood changes over the years. They are not sure what to do with the presence of a lot of young people in the neighbourhood, who, in their view, cause a lot of nuisance. Dialogue is lacking and both groups look at each other with distrust.

Getting young people and seniors to work together has many advantages: seniors feel less isolated and get the attention they need. The young people who join the project as coaches develop self-confidence and strengthen their self-esteem. Thanks to partners Alhambra and Cosmos.