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Growing and learning through work experience

Those who do not have a diploma and want to learn a profession, or gain work experience, can get a one- or two-year professional insertion contract (ART 60, ECOSOC or insertion geco) at Maks vzw. Jobseekers with few qualifications can thus strengthen their skills by participating in digital integration projects in Cureghem and Molenbeek.
In 2022, Maks vzw provided training and support to some 30 employees: Web designers and Desktop publishers in our graphic office, Animators for adults to give computer initiations in our public computer rooms, Animators for young people and children in playful workshops on robotics, programming or digital wellbeing, PC technicians to manage our networks and provide maintenance, loan, repair and storage of ICT equipment…
Reception clerks to enroll people for training, answer phones, Maintenance staff to clean the classrooms and offices and administrative staff on accounting.

They learn through trial and error. Under the guidance of a coach, they learn their chosen trade within a team of professionals, and according to the learning priorities of their personal development plan.

This work experience allows the student to learn the tricks of the trade with a special focus on the digital. Soft skills will also be strengthened, as they will receive training in Connecting Communication and a Digital storytelling workshop. Job search support is also organised to prepare job interviews, CVs and cover letters, portfolios, video CVs. They also attend two half-day language training sessions (French or Dutch) on a weekly basis to improve bilingualism.

Administration and Finance in figures

The Personnel Service of Maks vzw supports more than 120 staff members every year:

• permanent staff
• in-service jobs
• employees in Art. 60
• working students
• interns
• volunteers

Wages are calculated and paid for all these people, leave and sick days are registered, certificates are issued, contracts and C4s are drawn up and advice is given on specific questions or difficult situations.
Our accounting department processes 2,200 analytic supplier entries annually, and 400 outgoing invoices.
We also manage another 20 or so grant files, amounting to a total of €1,500,000.