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Invest € 40 and practice for 1 year on the computer

Maks vzw offers basic modules for adults to strengthen digital skills and help with questions about digital service both at home, and at work.
Both jobseekers and senior citizens come to register on their own initiative to become more digitally proficient. In some cases, external services such as Actiris or the CPAS send these people to us to work on their skills.

Those interested can take lessons for a year for only 40€ and choose from a range of basic 24-hour modules in each case. Trainees start with the introductory module “je commence/I begin” and then they can decide on their own path.

Either they take the ‘At Home1’ route, a course that teaches applications for personal use; or they choose the ‘At Work 1’ route, with modules on Microsoft Office (Word and Excel for beginners and advanced).

The team also offers courses such as ‘Security and online banking’ or ‘Smartphone’ in which we cover interesting topics such as cybersecurity, phishing, online safety, cookies and trackers. These courses also exist as evening classes.

In 2022, 569 students attended the basic computer and smartphone training modules spread over 71 sessions of 24h each.

“In my opinion. Work 1 was well applied, nothing was missing, the course was perfect.”


“Nothing was missing, the teacher was great and patient, kindness and humanity.”