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Climate action in new look

Graphic Agency Climate Alliance also called on the graphic agency of Maks vzw in 2021. This umbrella organisation of European local governments is taking action against climate change. Assignment for the graphic agency: Professionalize our communication.
The Climate Alliance (CA) is Europe’s largest urban network taking action on climate change. The European umbrella organisation has about 1,800 members. From small municipalities to large cities and regional governments, often in collaboration with non-governmental organisations. For CA, climate change is a global challenge that requires local solutions. CA undertakes several initiatives around renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation.

In the summer of 2021, Masha Tarle, communications manager for Climate Alliance, contacted the Graphic Bureau of Maks vzw. She had already worked with Maks vzw in another job and had confidence in the graphic agency. The social dimension of our operation is hugely important to Climate Alliance. The Graphic Bureau can offer job seekers a chance to gain work experience in the graphic arts sector and compile a portfolio of work they have done.

Masha seemed a bit bored with some reports, newsletters and other documents. Documents with lots of scientific figures and references to European regulations. Difficult readings for those with diverse profiles. This was the first challenge for our trainee designers. The right photo or illustration on a report or advertisement should not only summarize the message, a good image will also challenge, attract or intrigue your reader. An image touches you personally and creates empathy. The second challenge was to make the figures clear, readable and easily digestible.

Furthermore, you choose a layout with the right tone. Address potential investors in a clear, businesslike style without bells and whistles. Contractors at a construction fair appreciate a direct, straightforward approach. A newsletter that wants to inform as many citizens as possible about renovation subsidies requires an accessible approach. This translates graphically into appropriate typography, color palette and page layout.

The Graphic Agency fully met Climate Alliance’s expectations. Masha especially appreciated the timely responses and the quality of work provided. She therefore has no hesitation in recommending the agency to others: ‘I would recommend you for the ease of contact, the affordable budgets and the motivated team that wants to make a difference. I was especially pleased with the newsletters. They looked fantastic.’

“I recommend Maks for the contact, budgets and motivated team.”


Communication and Projects Coordinator Climate Alliance