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Maks asbl’s vision in a permanent photo exhibition

Training A while back, Maks vzw renewed its mission statement. Not that the vision changed, but the digital divide of 20 years ago is no longer the digital divide of today.
During a staff meeting, a colleague remarked that you have to look very hard to find the vision of Maks vzw. The walls of our buildings should radiate the vision. The idea of a permanent photo exhibition saw the light of day.

A dozen volunteers among the staff dedicated themselves to this under the guidance of Han Soete, photography teacher. After basic photography training, colleagues set out to shoot the most surprising pictures. During the staff meeting in June, all staff members were shown the photos and gave feedback on them. After all, we enjoyed not only publishing the photos but also seeing the comments.

But when we took a closer look at the wall, we saw that a coat of paint was much needed. A photo exhibition on dirty walls does not look very nice. We contacted a number of social projects, but corona put a stop to it. But afterwards, Fix vzw was our rescue guard.

A number of staff were engaged to create surprising images that convey our vision, under the guidance of a photographer.