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Staff member role descriptions

From our previous staff survey, an important question came from the staff. The range of tasks should be much clearer and there should be more individual evaluations. To evaluate, there must also be commitment to results.
Thanks to the support of the Venture Philanthrophy Fund, we were able to call on a consultant from Kessels and Smit who guided us through this difficult task. We started with the role definitions of the management team members. While writing the job descriptions, it also became clear that certain positions cannot be filled by staff members. The need for two new hires came up: a manager for the graphics office and a manager for Maks’ overhead (administration, finance, reception and cleaning service, handyman service).

Furthermore, we also concluded that the management team needed leadership training. After writing out the role descriptions of the team building team (the new name of the management team), we proceeded to describe all the functions. We are not quite there yet, but that is something we will continue in 2021. When the role descriptions are clear, we also discuss them with staff members.

This role description contains an outcome commitment that becomes the subject of discussion during the evaluation. In the description, we saw the need for additional positions: a learning policy staff member, a workplace reception coach, a workplace support coach, a customer satisfaction and didactics staff member and strengthening the administration with a part-time position. Besides the role descriptions, we also mapped out vacancies for the positions concerned.