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Standing up for illiteracy

How do you find work if you can’t read and write ? In 2021, 107 illiterates followed a course at Maks vzw. Maks vzw offers various learning paths for the alpha audience with one common goal: finding a suitable job or training.
The “alpha to work” pathway consists of three parts: a beginner course in literacy with computer skills, an initiation in computers for people with verbal fluency skills but no writing and reading ones and a third pathway that helps them find jobs on an individual basis. These three different pathways have one common goal: to lead to a job or training. Clients following a group programme do so in the morning and in the afternoon they actively look for work. We also organise workshops on the topic of labour market.

Our clients rely on the Maks asbl team to help them in their daily lives. We offer personal assistance, guidance and support in their social, medical and administrative procedures and refer them to a specialised service if necessary.

Thanks to our partnership with Brusselleer, we reach both French and Dutch speakers.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of two teachers and three tutors who offer them a tailor-made programme. At Maks vzw, we do not limit ourselves to one way of counselling. Everything is customised. Some clients are in urgent need of work. Others struggle with administrative or personal problems.

The main goal is to lead to training or a job.

Literacy in figures


participants follow a literacy programme in Dutch at Brusselleer. Maks vzw is exploring who is interested in job coaching.

Together with Brusselleer, we offer a vocational orientation workshop through digital storytelling, a labour market workshop and an “online job search” workshop.


participants were monitored individually. We help them both with job requirements and job search.


participants took computer classes.


of our beneficiaries, subsequently followed training or found employment.