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Step by step towards digital literacy?

Maks vzw fights for equal opportunities, but inequalities accumulate among illiterates. They have little access to information. Administrative questions, such as downloading a family composition certificate, are becoming more complicated. The use of digital tools is virtually non-existent. This increases the distance to the job market. Maks asbl provides six months of literacy classes twice a year, 20 hours a week in French. We also offer four sessions a year of 12 hours a week on digital skills.
182 illiterates enrolled in 2022 | 149 people found training | 19 found jobs

We also provide training in Dutch, in a partnership with Ligo-Brusselleer. The aim is to get illiterate people actively involved in our society. We work on active citizenship and autonomy.

The story of one particular participant touched us. She left her country of origin and is alone in Belgium. She had to build a new life. Her search for work was a long struggle, which is why she turned to Maks vzw. Together, we worked on a CV and a cover letter that highlighted her abilities and worked on her presentation techniques. To her surprise, she was selected for not one, but two jobs. Instead of having to compete, she now had a choice. This experience gave her self-confidence a huge boost.