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The A in STE(A)M and what about Engineering?

Maks Youth in the spotlight thanks to Digital for Youth. Craft and experiment to determine your future.
YOUTH Digital for Youth refurbishes discarded computers from companies and donates them to youth organisations such as Maks asbl.

The objectives of Digital for Youth and Maks run parallel: to give underprivileged young people the chance to acquire digital skills. In 2021, Digital For Youth came again to donate a load of computers to Maks in support of our operation. This time, they brought a camera crew and interviewed one of our staff members, Bader Barghout, about Maks’ youth work.

In the interview, Bader talks about how young people come to do their homework on the computer in our workshop and learn to code there. Thanks to the laptops we get from Digital for Youth, this is possible. The video came in prime time on national television channel one thanks to The National Lottery, which provided visibility for Maks. A great example of a partnership supporting our operation.

With the YOUTH Team at Maks, we prepare young people from focus areas for the jobs of tomorrow. We stimulate their interest in science and the digital through playful and creative methodologies and working methods.

S.T.E.M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. Since 2019, Maks vzw has been recognised by V.L.A.I.O (Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) as a STEM academy. The name of our academy is The name of our academy is Know: gives you VOICE (knowing: gives you VOICE).

Every year, we organise several pathways around technology topics. Sciences are often challenging for many young people, and the exact nature of sciences means that some young people cannot always familiarise themselves with them. Maks vzw therefore opts for S.T.E.A.M instead of S.T.E.M.

The difference is the A of Arts. Thanks to the arts, we provide a creative dimension to the various activities we organise. We see engineering as designing in the broad sense of the word. Experimenting while tinkering is essential to determine an end goal.

We give playful tasks around engineering such as building the highest possible tower with dry spaghetti and plasticine or designing an igloo with toothpicks and marshmallows. By mixing different food dyes, one discovers primary and secondary colours (Science).

We programme a game with X and Y coordinates (Mathematics & Technology). Or we draw together based on conditions that the group determines. In 2022, we plan to build our own drone with a microcomputer (micro:bit) and a kit designed for this purpose.

Our educational staff are always looking for new things to inspire the children.

Preparing young people from focus areas for tomorrow’s jobs with a attention to science, technology and arts.