Brogniezstraat 54, 1070 Anderlecht

Van maandag t/m vrijdag van 9.00 tot 17.00 uur

Welcome to Molenbeek, welcome to Maks

The adult work of Maks vzw has been accessible in Molenbeek since 2021 in the premises of 22 Mommaertsstraat. Here you will find a reception area, 3 classrooms, a public computer room (OCR) and several offices where we receive, guide and train our clients.
This new location, close to the centre of Molenbeek and its large, lively market, is on a street parallel to Sint-Jan-Baptistvoorplein with its remarkable white art-deco church from which the commune of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek takes its name.

The 4 metro lines and proximity to the trendy neighbourhood of the canal as well as the bike path, provide practical access for Molenbeek residents and all Brussels residents. Around the corner, literally and figuratively, is also our 1080PC branch: a large space where we also offer info days, training and activities for children. This location now also benefits from receiving visitors on Mommaerts Street.

Several services are offered by Maks vzw. Here, consultants from the Actiris-AZW (Active Job Search) department strengthen Molenbeek jobseekers’ position in the labour market and help them find a job through training and personal coaching. Maks vzw Volwassenen organises a large number of basic training courses there, as well as more specific and vocational training courses (via ICT vouchers) where students can make use of the good hardware equipment, including a large touch screen. The building also houses digital CV production and is equipped with a recording studio and editing room for that purpose.

Maks vzw has designed the space to be user-friendly and accessible. The walls were painted, new furniture installed and kitchenettes and storage spaces created. It is now a warm, busy, open and vibrant place where there is an atmosphere of closeness. Some colleagues also find their permanent home here.

Thanks to this new antenna, Maks asbl organises more courses, but above all it extends its activities beyond Anderlecht, makes itself known and brings its services closer to the residents of Molenbeek to enable them to develop their digital skills and increase their job prospects.