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What does Maks do?

Maks vzw is a learning house in the Brussels Canal Zone. We want to generate impact on digital inclusion, digital wellbeing, digital production, communication and job coaching.
40% of the Belgian population does not have the necessary digital skills. In Cureghem and Old Molenbeek, the figure is around 60 %. Maks vzw gives basic lessons and workshops to people who need them. They learn to use a computer, tablet or smartphone. Jobseekers who want to discover the Office Suite or graphic programmes are also at the right place.

23 % of Flemish youngsters say they have a problematic relationship with their smartphone. 20% of parents say the smartphone prevents them from focusing on their children. Brussels schools complain about screen use and fatigue, sexting and cyberbullying. Maks asbl offers programmes for young and older people on these topics.

Digital production teaches users to engage actively and creatively with the computer. Programming helps young people from underprivileged groups to learn mathematical and physical principles through games. Creating apps, programming a robot or making a game allows you to develop skills such as problem-solving, working together or learning from your mistakes. Creating a digital story also lets your voice be heard and trains all kinds of digital skills.

A lot of social profit organisations or municipalities struggle to reach an underprivileged target audience. The graphic agency of Maks vzw works on this theme.

In a neighbourhood like Cureghem or Old Molenbeek, unemployment is 33% . This is much higher than the average for the Brussels Capital Region (15.6%) or Belgium (9%). Maks vzw works with specific target groups such as (ex-)prisoners, illiterates, Roma and Syrian Doms (gypsies). The goal is clear: integration on the labour market, towards full citizenship.