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Hunger strikers get digital voice

Volwassenen Eind mei, a group of sans-papiers went on hunger strike and occupied the Beguinage church in central Brussels. Friendship Without Borders and House of Compassion accompany them. They contact Maks asbl because they want computers to write out their life stories.
Maks vzw proposes to lead a digital storytelling workshop. The FCC is subsidising the project as part of Connecting Brussels. Some employees of Maks vzw are heading to the Beguinage church for eight workshops. 7 people create a digital story. In the process, we see them growing weaker and emaciated.

The project ended in the exhibition “À ma place” in collaboration with Friends Without Borders. Besides the projections of the DSTs, other artistic creations on display included Ninon Mazeaud’s drawings and photographs by Mohammed Amine, the 16-year-old son of one of the hunger strikers. The hunger strikers’ digital stories can be seen on Maks vimeo channel.

Glad we were able to give a voice to these people who have often worked in Belgium for years without any recognition. This is also digital citizenship.