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Learning by doing at Maks

Workplace learning in the social economy.At Maks vzw, our aim is to give young jobseekers and unemployed people who want to retrain the opportunity to learn a job through insertion programmes a chance to do so, under the guidance of a coach and a team that writes a personal development plan with them. Evaluation and adjustments are made on a regular basis. We make sure that at the end of their journey, they have a nice portfolio and CV in their pocket to apply for jobs and give their professional plan every opportunity.
Inclusion of jobseekers

Training of 29 jobseekers that started at Maks vzw in a work experience programme in the past year. They chose a job as an administrative assistant (1), cleaner (3), receptionist (5), web designer (2), graphic designer (6), multimedia animator (8) or PC technician (4). In this way, they are revitalising their own careers.

On the shop floor, you not only learn by interacting with customers or trainees, but you also work in a well-run team. Moreover, you will receive guidance and feedback from your coach.

It is not about solving issues or made-up problems, you are in the field and you have to deliver certain services in real time.

We try to sharpen 3 competences through inclusion jobs
– Working within a team to develop your soft skills: We focus on learning to develop problem-solving thinking, improving your communication skills, learning to work autonomously and showing flexibility.
– Learning job-specific knowledge, such as technological knowledge and common practices within a field.
– Self-knowledge and personal development: we determine a personal development plan, offer workshops (such as digital storytelling, connecting communication or inspirational coaching), create an online portfolio or film a video CV, and learn to write a cover letter.

Each person works in a team led by an experienced coach. The coach provides feedback and helps to practise and develop new skills.

The right to make mistakes and learning to look for solutions are two essential aspects of this journey.

Although these workers are often not as skilled, they are full of talent and experience. When recruiting, we especially look at their potential to learn and their motivation to contribute to our digital inclusion goals. They will become “agents of change” who will improve social and digital integration in our Brussels neighbourhoods, especially in the Canal Zone with a focus on Old Molenbeek and Cureghem.

Falling and getting up
At Maks vzw, the emphasis is on working together to learn from each other. We learn from our mistakes together, we look for solutions and we try to improve things by doing them differently. We encourage engagement, curiosity and the will to learn, and support our staff in training where necessary. Success creates a growing self-confidence that underpins new successes.

Not only does the financial security of an employment contract offer them support, but we also try to ensure that any personal problems can be addressed, e.g. through tapping into our networks with specialised services in case of housing problems, mental or physical health problems or debt.

Management and supervisors pay great attention to a well-organised and healthy working environment to give employees every opportunity to learn and perform their jobs in the best conditions. It also helps teach good habits and promote a professional attitude.

This approach influences our impact and contributes to our mission of reducing the digital divide in our neighbourhoods and thereby combating the poverty of its residents.

What is an engagement contract?
During our 1-year or 2-year contract periods, you can both upgrade your skills and gain relevant professional experience.

This can be done in several ways: an Article 60 contract (in partnership with the CPAS) or an ECOSOC or GESCO contract for a first job (in partnership with ACTIRIS). Our target group employees are guided through their learning process by their coach and by a learning policy developer. Together, we think about the most appropriate training path and create a career plan with associated learning objectives that will complement their current competence profile. The process includes first an observation phase, then 2 adjustment moments of the personal development plan, as well as 3 formal evaluation moments. In this way, we ensure that these employees gain relevant experience and are ready for the labour market.

At Maks, the emphasis is on working together to learn. We learn from our mistakes together, we look for solutions and we try to improve things by doing them differently.