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Story of a hero(s) looking for work

VOLWASSEN Video CVs are small portraits that tell much more than classic text-based CVs. We use them with various target groups such as Roma, illiterates, people living on benefits or PWA jobseekers.
It allows people with limited formal education, or who are victims of discrimination, to demonstrate their added value, personality and skills to potential employers. They tell their story on camera, without any staging or recitation, after a preparatory workshop in which they become aware of their skills and qualities in groups, through role-playing, staging and introspection through the others. Then comes an interview in preparation for filming and then it’s on to the shoot.
The image and lighting are neat but simple and natural. We film a conversation of about an hour, which we then edit to leave only the best, as a kind of individual, one-person trailer. The end result is a short video of about 2 minutes, full of charm and humanity, through which the recruiter gets to know the candidate, their skills and their potential. The hero or heroine in the spotlight.

The video CV paints a picture of a driven person with talent for whom a potential employer would have respect and sympathy.

A total of 30 video CVs were created that resulted in 21 job interviews. 17 people ended up getting permanent jobs thanks to our videos!